Saydel High School

5601 NE 7th St
Des Moines, IA 50313

Drive times set up during first class and will run beyond the last class. Drive times take place outside of classroom time.

Fee: $345         

Complete the registration form and turn in form and tuition to the Saydel High School Office. Online registration is unavailable. The class confirmation will be sent approximately one week before class begins. If fuel prices go above $3.49 there will be a $10 fuel surcharge added to the cost of the course. Students who miss their scheduled driving times will be charged a $35 missed drive fee.

Student’s driving schedule will be set up at the first class. Students will be driving outside of the school day and outside of the driver education class time. Driving times will occur at various times to accommodate the needs of the students.

All of the scheduled classes are state certified and include 30 hours of classroom instruction, with 4 hours of instruction covering alcohol and drug abuse as it relates to the driving task and 6 hours of actual on-street driving.


5601 NE 7th St
50313 Des Moines

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