Information regarding Out-of-State Drivers Education

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Requirements Obtaining an Instruction Permit and GDL

“YOU’RE THE COACH” Guide for beginning drivers and parents

We offer the convenience of flexible driving schedules to meet the needs of the most demanding schedules.

Iowa Driver’s Education must meet the following Iowa criteria:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • 6 hours behind-the-wheel / 6 hours of observation
  • 4 hours of instruction concerning substance abuse
  • 20 minutes of instruction concerning railroad crossing safety, instruction relating to becoming an organ donor under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Our classes feature the following:

  • Power point classroom instruction
  • All homework completed during class time
  • Flexible driving schedules
  • Knowledgeable guest speakers including: law enforcement,  insurance professionals and motorcycle safety professionals.
  • The 6 hours of drive time will be setup during the first class and are scheduled outside of class time
  • Parking — all types of parking are taught, allowing students to get the feel for vehicle dimensions and turning capabilities
  • Gravel road driving — Experience on gravel is necessary to ensure that students understand how vehicles react on gravel/ conditions permititng
  • Highway driving — Highway speeds and traffic conditions
  • Extensive city driving — Various driving situations to ensure overall experience

Refund/Return check/Past due Policy:

  • No refunds given after the first class session
  • In the case of a returned check there will be a $30 fee assessed by Street Smarts. Balance will need to be paid by cash, money order or credit card.
  • Adult drive lessons must be completed within 90 days of start date.(no refunds given)
  • Past due payments will be subject to an 18% APR past due fee.
Street Smarts Drivers Education